Love > Everything and Anything

Being in a relationship is one hell of a roller coaster ride. People in it undergo ups and downs, it’s a normal thing anyway. No relationship is perfect. All couples have their own flaws, imperfections and shortcomings. But what is the one thing that keeps a relationship going? It is called l-o-v-e.

Love is the one thing that keeps everything in place. Love indeed drives the relationship. Without it, relationships could mean nothing. Love is the foundation of every relationship. It is the reason why relationships exist.  This thing called love lets people look beyond what is presented to their bare eyes. This helps them become the most understanding of all people and see things beautifully despite imperfections. Love is something to hold on to. It is something that keeps people together.

But it’s not always rainbows and butterflies when you’re in a relationship. Sometimes you’ll feel like love is missing, and that makes the journey tiring. Some people find falling out of love whenever terrible things happen. They lose hope that easily and think that love is somehow fading. It is in the nature of  being in a relationship and being in love to experience some bumps in the way . But whatever, when two people are in love, all these bumps don’t mean anything at all. They’re just a test of how strong  a relationship could be. Love is also a determinant for this kind of test. Whatever bump comes along the way, it is always overcome by love. Anything is possible in the presence of love. Love that is true and genuine. Love that is unconditional. Relationships must always be defined by love. And then commitment follows. No matter how bad your partner could get, if you truly love him, you wouldn’t look at him differently. You’ll still see him as perfect as before, when you first fell for him. You’ll have to understand whatever issues he may have. You gotta be really understanding. You’ll have to compromise, and listen. You’ll be needing a lot of patience, too. Always remember why you two are together in the first place. Never forget how much love had been there ever since. Just remember that love is there. You’ll get through anything if you just know that there’s still this thing called love. Never ever forget that.

Love indeed surpasses everything. In love, you just don’t give up easily. You fight for it.


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