Come and go

The only permanent thing in the world is change.

Everything in this world is constantly changing. Nobody can stop the world from changing. Nothing is permanent. All these things will eventually have to change. Everything that consists your world would change. Even the people in it, the ones closest to you, will change. And these changes could mean losing them.  Everyone undergoes changes. We all do.

You get to meet people. These people could be just an ordinary someone, or can mean nothing. But some of these people could mean everything. They could mean the whole world to you. They could be someone very close to your heart. They could be that someone who’ll change your perspective, your world, and also you yourself. But no matter how much they mean to you, no matter how close they are to your heart, in just a snap of a finger, these people will change. It is either for the worst, or for the better. The worst that could happen to you and this someone is that you turn from people very close to each other into people who are like strangers, you barely do not know each other. This is one reality of life. A sad reality.

But have you ever bother asking why does this keep on happening? Why does it have to come at a point like this? Why do you even have to meet these people where in fact you would lose them eventually? Why do you have to feel like they are someone very close to your heart but that person could forget you just like that? Why?

As mentioned above, the only permanent thing in this world is change. You can’t stop people from changing. Maybe this is part of growing up. Maybe you and these people are not meant to grow further together. Maybe you need to grow alone, or these people have to grow on their own; without you. Some people grow better when they’re alone, without other people. Some see this as a better way of understanding things, of realizing things. And someday, we’ll all realize that being away with these people once close to your heart is one of the best things that happened to us. Who knows right?


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